Newsletter March 2019

ACEP in Santa Rosa de Copán:

Computer lessons

In 2018, 10 primary schools, with a maximum of 24 pupils each, have received computer lessons twice a week throughout the school year. The school department provided the specialists and we contributed the infrastructure, the computers and our old bus for the transport between the schools and our site. In 2018, a total of 196 students were able to acquire computer skills. This year there will be 145 students from 8 primary schools.

Nurse training

In February 2018, 30 nurses started their training in our “Academia de Excelencia Profesional”. Together with the other 30 nurses who were already in their second year of formation, they came to ACEP every morning from 8:00 to 15:30, where they received both the practical and the theoretical part of the formation. The nurse training lasts 3 years and is a state-approved training. This profession is very much in demand on the job market and the chances of finding a job after the training are very high. This February 23 nurses started their training.

RCP course

One room has been specially equipped for the RCP course (Reanimación Cardio-Pulmonar = cardiovascular and pulmonary resuscitation) with dolls and the necessary medical equipment. Several hospitals require their doctors and nurses to attend this course.

In 2017, 16 RCP two-day weekend courses took place, with a total of 383 participants. In 2018 there were already more than 800 people. For this year even 1'200 people are registered for the RCP courses.

Over 250 people took part in the various other courses organized throughout 2018, such as first aid courses, conversation techniques and various care protocols. 

Coffee plantage

On our area of 5 hectares we planted coffee, among other local plants. We were able to harvest the third harvest in November and December 2018 and ended up with 600 kg of coffee for sale. We were also able to harvest bananas, oranges, corn, etc. from our plantations and eat them in the children's home in San Pedro Sula.

Since Santa Rosa de Copán suffers from a lack of water, we built a rainwater cistern with a capacity of ~120,000 litres. From the overflow of the cistern we built 2 swimming pools, in which our course participants can cool down if necessary.

Mechanics institute (ITMA) in Santa Rosa de Copán

In collaboration with the School Department of Santa Rosa de Copán, we first renovated and then opened a mechanics institute in Santa Rosa de Copán in 2018. It is a three-year part-time vocational Matura. Every morning from 7.00 to 13.00 the compulsory school subjects are on the program. In addition, there are two afternoons per week from 13.00 to 16.00 practical lessons. In return, each student has received a toolbox from us.

Both the Matura and the diploma as mechanic are state-approved. After completing this training, they can attend university or work as mechanics.

We are convinced that this pioneer project, which we started last year with 14 students of which 10 finished, will receive great recognition in the future. For the year 2019, 19 enrolled for the first year and 16 for the second year. Also 6 students are attending the computer science Matura. 

We are in the process of setting up a computer room for the ITMA.

Social projects in Lempira

Thanks to the many donations and support we receive, we can also support many children and their families in the very poor area of Lempira, especially in the villages of Las Pilas and El Encanto. This is a rural area where poverty is very widespread. Temperatures can sometimes drop to 13°C. Since we get long-sleeved clothes with the containers and we cannot use them in the children's home because of the high temperatures, we give them away in this area.

For the current school year we were able to hand out 50 school bags filled with school utensils. The schoolchildren were overwhelmed with joy and beamed with pride and gratitude.

Youth project in La Entrada

Our foundation is well aware that only a good education can break the vicious circle of poverty. That is why we also want to offer other young people the chance to complete an apprenticeship.

La Entrada is located on the way to Santa Rosa de Copán in a rural area with countless poor villages. There are many very good students who can finish primary school, but do not have the opportunity to continue with their education afterwards.

The Catholic Church has therefore provided us with a building. We have renovated and repainted the rooms, the kitchen as well as the living room and furnished a computer room. It turned into a home in which they can feel comfortable and safe.

In January 2018 we started the youth project in cooperation with the Catholic Church to offer 18 young students from very poor families the chance to continue their studies. 16 of them successfully passed their first school year and have already registered for the second year.

At the end of the school year, everyone attended a compulsory social camp at ACEP in Santa Rosa de Copán. As a result, this group of young people has grown together even more. Everyone is very happy and grateful that they will be able to seize the opportunity again in 2019. 8 more young people have joined us, so that we can train and support 24 young people in La Entrada this year.