About us

The name «YO QUIERO SER...» stands in direct relation to the key thought of the project: children have dreams. They hope that their dreams will come true one day; furthermore, they have idols whom they like to imitate. In this context they often say: „I’d like to be/ I’d like to become…” Due to their past, a lot of children have lost hope regarding the fulfilment of their dreams. «yo quiero ser...» wants to return hope and belief in life to them.

There is no place for street kids in the society of Honduras and the government doesn’t take care of their destinies. The children have to fight their way through the streets and they often end up joining a gang. Their living conditions are hard, which is why they are forced to develop special skills. In the gangs, which are like families to the children, they learn to take on responsibility for other children and develop strategies in order to cope with their hard life on the streets. That‘s where the potential of the children lies; a potential which has to be strengthened: will and determination. Because of these qualities, it’s our duty to convert the children to a life off the streets and to support them on this journey. We offer them space and time to develop their own personalities, increase their interests and skills and we offer them education. In this sense, the children’s home «yo quiero ser...» opens various doors for children.

A perfect place for the project was found in an old hospital which was offered to «yo quiero ser...» in 2007 by the city and organisation COSAPROSAMEM. The property offers enough space to live and children are safe playing outside. With lots of effort and volunteers from Switzerland, a friendly and warm home was created. 

In the “Sala Cuna“, our nursery, ten infants are offered a secure and lovely place to stay. Infants whose parents can’t take care of are specially affected by poverty. If they are not put up for adoption, they have to stay in the IHNFA, where accommodation is insufficient. Kids often have to stay in their beds all day long, without any emotional or physical closeness because the IHNFA lacks money and staff. Developmental disorders are the logical consequence. Most children’s homes only take children that have reached a certain independence. With the “Sala Cuna”, we want to provide an opportunity of a life with perspectives even to the youngest of children.