Newsletter July 2018

International painting contest FOOD FOR THE POOR

Also this year the national painting competition of more than 50 children's homes from Honduras was on the program. This time with the motto "God created the world and looks at it". Once again, our children have put a lot of effort into it. And behold, the time spent was worth it!

Because in the 1st category of “Children up to 8 years” Hostin won the first prize.

In the second category “Junior from 9 to 12 years” the whole podium was taken by "Yo Quiero Ser..." children: 1st place by Yaxel, 2nd place by Mayte and 3rd place by Wendy.

The winners of the national competition were then allowed to take part in the international painting competition among 7 countries.

Our artist Yaxel and Hostin could keep up very well and Yaxel also won the international first prize, which is endowed with 500 U$. His younger brother Hostin took second place and won 300 U$.

The two siblings have shown that artistic blood flows in their veins. We are very proud of them!

Last year Jennifer won second place in this international painting competition. She had earned 300 U$ at that time. This sum of money was just for her and she was allowed to invest that money in whichever way she wanted. But you can’t imagine what this kind-hearted girl did with this sum, she enabled her deceased brother a proper grave so that he could rest in peace.

Weekend camp with CCC

Also this year our Carolina Cross Connection friends from America organized a weekend camp for 5 children's homes from Honduras. With great joy we also accepted the invitation and all our children, 10 years and older, were allowed to participate. We sent 22 children and one educator with them.

On Friday afternoon they started and they took the two-hour drive to Peña Blanca. Upon arrival, the first meeting took place where the children were divided into different day-groups and where they were allocated to the different rooms.

On Saturday and Sunday many different group games took place and in-between really fun activities alike refreshing dips in the swimming pool, races on the water slides relaxing time chatting along with other young people.

Such special occasions are always great because they get to meet children and teenagers from other children's homes. Some were together 10 years ago in the IHNFA (state home) and were then accommodated in different homes. There you can see how the fate of the children determines their way.....

Before all the children went home on Sunday afternoon, there was the last group photo, where all 120 participants were present and some tears were shed from the Americans while saying goodbye..... it is always an incredible bonding experience.

Computer classes in Santa Rosa de Copán

In Santa Rosa de Copan and in the surrounding area, there are many public schools that do not have the means and infrastructure for a Comupter Room. Some have about 4 computers for 20 students, which means that 5 students have to work together on one PC and on top of that, the classrooms are in a miserable condition.

We saw the urgent need and therefore, we decided to support the youth in the area and since the beginning of the year, 10 primary schools with a maximum of 24 students per class visit us 2 times a week to participate in computer classes. The school department provides the specialist and we provide infrastructure, the building with the computers. This year 196 students can learn new computer skills.

The teachers and students showed their appreciation for this offer with a “thank-you performance” for our foundation. Everyone gathered in the big communal hall and each school had prepared an introduction and a demonstration of rhymes, songs or dances. They also presented small gifts typical of the region: sweet pastries, coffee, local drinks, homemade souvenirs. 

This is a typical characteristic of the Honduran people; showing gratitude and pride in their own products. 

Furthermore, most of the children had also written letters in which they said thank you for this privileged offer, that they appreciated it very much and everyone also said that God should protect us. Here you can also see the faith anchoring deeply in this culture.

With little one can achieve a lot in Honduras and we therefore we want to give these children the opportunity to learn English. In the near future we are going to start with classes, so that they can keep up with the pupils of private schools and prepare themselves better for the future.