Our staff

Patricia looks after the children lovingly and thoughtfully. During their daily routines, the children are also supported by the educators Karen and Belkis. Daisy and Lesly look day and night after our smallest residents in the baby department and took on the mother roles for them. The teacher Jenifer supports the children with their homework and our psychologist Yulia, runs check-ups with all our children and helps them with psychological therapies. The chefs Maria and Carmen are responsible for the well-being of the children and caregivers. Dunia, our governess, diligently works through our piles of laundry and Glenis, our cleaner, ensures the cleanliness in the home. Pedro is our driver and our man for all jobs, while José, the grandfather for all the children, guards the gate and is responsible for tidiness of our courtyard. Dr. Fabricio cares about the health of the little ones.